‘The Royal Fuss’

Everytime I check my news feed, something or the other about this ‘Royal Couple’ pops up. Media is strewn with this fuss. She comes from a family known for their social-climbing matriarchs, Kate (Catherine) Middleton and Prince William who I think is incapable of being a king, – just because parents are cobblers doesn’t mean that their children can be too – are finally getting married on 29 April 2011, … Yey ! Oh wait, why should we care? 

Sycophants like David Cameron are cherry on top of this Bittersweet cake. The Monday after the wedding, May 2, is already a designated bank holiday; - My condolences to people who won’t be able to finish their important work due to the rampage. It is just a wedding for god’s sake and who is to say that it’s going to be the only wedding?

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, the prince's private secretary, said: “The couple and the Royal family want the wedding to be an enjoyable event for the whole country while at the same time being “mindful” of the current economic situation.” – Is there a limit to pure absurdity? You are shutting down the entire nation and spending the money of honest taxpayers on your over the top wedding and showing your unreal concern about the current economic situation which victimizes the common man.  

Constitutional monarchy is to be blamed for this painful ordeal. We are resting the future of this nation and its economy in hands of people who inherited this extremely responsible position. A true King should be able to make his own kingdom but these royal people seem to be more interested in personal grooming. Democracy is much better than this. 

Anyway  I just want this painful wedding to be over and read some sensible news that really matters.


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  1. agree with everything you have just said :L